What are the options for online mobile responsive test?

  • Developer toolbar's responsive preview
  • Browser add-ons
  • Free mobile site testers
  • Professional responsiveness test tools

If you're in the design business for a couple of years you're probably already aware of the obstacles of the online mobile responsive test methods. No tool would come completely over all of them but some mobile site test tools have a solution to handle them.

developer toolbars and browser add-ons
Options for online mobile responsive test

When do you need a developer toolbar or a browser add-on for a mobile responsive test?

Generally speaking, if you don't need to show the mobile responsive test result to anyone, hence it doesn't have to be presentable or comprehensive, a developer toolbar or browser add-on will perfectly do. They're quite convenient responsiveness testers for ongoing front-end development, since you just grab the side of the panel and drag it left and right to change the responsive view. You shouldn't expect pixel perfect accuracy, but during the development stage you probably don't need to worry about the accuracy of the website responsiveness test. Basically, you just need to see that you've set up the layout and the responsive breakpoints correctly.

Some of the available Firefox add-ons are Default Responsive Design View by Aniket Kudale, L-Square Responsive Design Inspector by Jason M., FireBreak by Filip Johansson. Also, there are some nice add-ons for Chrome like Responsive Inspector by Piotr Walczyszn, Responsive-web-design by Dan Zajdband, Mobile/Responsive Web Design Tester by Gabe Hodges, Resizer.

free tools for mobile responsiveness testing
Developer toolbar or browser add-on for mobile responsive test

When do you need a free mobile responsiveness testing tool?

At some point you need to be able to measure or have at least a grid view of the resolutions assigned to a certain device type to know what to correct and how to correct in the layout. If you also want a quick look on different devices, rather than a flat screen sketch, you have several options for that, too, based on the purpose of your responsiveness test.

There are a few tools with rules for measuring, such as quirktools.com/screenfly, designmodo.com/responsive-test, beta.screenqueri.es.

The most common mobile responsive testers with some form of device preview include ami.responsivedesign.is, responsivedesignchecker.com, semalt.design, websiteresponsivetest.com, responsive.pixeltuner.de, responsinator.com.

professional mobile responsiveness test tools
Free mobile responsiveness testing tools

When do you need a professional mobile responsiveness test tool?

There are two aspects of testing mobile responsive sites that require professional tools. One is usability and the other one is presentability. If you do responsiveness test often, you have to be able to do it very efficiently. Professional tools give you the interface prepared for a quick and accurate responsive overview. For that stage the pixel density would useful to be applied to get an accurate responsive view. What is also very important for design responsiveness reviews and client presentations, but unfortunately rarely available, is the real device image applied around the screens that ensure accurate visual adjustment.

For an efficient mobile responsive test there is sizzy.co ensuring horizontal viewport, and lab.maltewassermann.com/viewport-resizer/ with quick resize, still freely available. However, none of them offers real device images with retina screen simulation, hence not prepared for client facing responsiveness presentation.

For an accurate mobile responsiveness test that is also suitable for client reviews there is ondeviceapp.com website responsiveness presentation tool if you need all of these features from usability to presentability.

Professional mobile responsiveness test tool

These are the tools to use for mobile responsive testing online

Now with this overview of the resources, you can choose the right responsiveness tool for yourself to get the work done. We did our best to list the most suitable ones; however, you may find other ways to do your mobile site test online.

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